2-June-2022 DC CAW


The following videos were prepared to bring all participants to a common level of understanding prior to the workshop. They are available as an YouTube playlist at {fillinhere}.

All videos are under 3 minutes and there are two types: interfaces and participants.

The purpose of the interface videos is to define all the arrows in

CAW logo

The purpose of the participant videos is to educate everyone on how the participant fits into the cybersecurity automation ecosystem and what they are bringing to the workshop.

Neither type of videos are allowed to be promotional advertisements. But logos are allowed and organizations are allowed to be proud of their accomplishments. You are allowed to tout your benefits - you are NOT allowed to disparage your competitors. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This is not a bake-off - it’s a plug fest focusing on interoperation. Promote automation, interoperation, and transparency. Remember an incoming tide raises all boats.