Demo Use Cases

2-June-2022 DC CAW

Demo Use Cases

1. Intro and Background

This and subtending pages describe the use cases that the Cybersecurity Automation Workshop interoperation scenarios are a part of.

This page is has 4 sections:

At the workshop, the intent is to get working the detailed interoperation demos. For example HII OIF Orchestration retrieving an SBOM from sFractal BlinkMaHa over MQTT using OpenC2 command {link above to actual scenario}. The list of detailed interoperation demos is in the last section of this document. The intent of big picture and mid-level scenarios is to show how those demos fit into the larger cybersecurity automation landscape.

1.1 IACD Framework

The demo use cases will follow a modular functional framework from Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD). In particular, it will use the

and functional architecture. See IACD for more info.

2. Big Picture Ideal Use Cases

These are realistic (AKA complex) use cases and hence there are many elements for a given use case. Any given use case will have:

The demonstrable use interoperability will tend to be down in the weeds (e.g., HII OIF-Orchestrator sending a retrieve-SBOM OpenC2 command over MQTT to sFractal BlinkyMaHa). This section will attempt to define some big picture use cases which those specific interoperability use cases fit into.

These big-picture scenarios are:

3. Mid-level Scenarios

4. Interoperability Demos

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5 Other stuff that needs to get entered

Mine the following to flesh out Sections 2, 3, 4 better:


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