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2-June-2022 DC CAW

Cybersecurity Automation Workshop

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Cybersecurity Automation Workshops are a series of events to prototype and test interoperability among cybersecurity automation technologies supporting the goals of EO 14028 and the Open Source Software Security Mobilization Plan. The next Workshop will be held 2-June-2022 at the AT&T Forum in Washington, DC.

EO 14028

Executive Order 14028 states that “Prevention, detection, assessment, and remediation of cyber incidents is essential to national and economic security” and establishes requirements for Federal Information Systems, including:


The Workshop will take place 9AM-5PM EDT 2-June-2022.

The four keynote speakers will be:

The remaining time will be spent either:

See Agenda for more details.

PreWorkshop Homework Prior to the workshop, attendees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the organizations participating, what they will be bringing to the workshop, and the use cases being demonstrated.

The intent is this pre-workshop material will be available by 26-May.

Single or multiple track is not yet decided and will depend on the number and extent of the interworking scenarios, which will depend on the sweat equity (so too soon to tell).


Registration is open until Noon Eastern on May 19th. Register at

There are 4 types of tickets:

Please sign up for one ticket per person, and one person per ticket. If you attending physically for part of day, and virtually for part of day - please sign up for physically. If you aren’t sure about sweat equity, then your company is probably not on Sweat Equity, and you should sign up general admission. If you are not sure, pick one and change it later if plans change.

Registration closes 19-May at Noon Eastern so sign up NOW!



The AT&T Forum is located at 601 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001.

Thank you to AT&T for hosting the event for us.

Light refreshments will be provided - thanks again to AT&T. Intent is to have lunch brought in to maximize workshop time. A sponsor has volunteered to provide lunch. Details are still being worked.

More details on venue, refreshments, etc are tbd

Remote Access

Intent is to allow virtual participation. It may not apply to all sessions or all interoperation demonstrations.

More details in tbd.


Open to all. Free. Registration is required.

Should we reach limits (if any) on the number of physical attendees, some sort of rules will need to be worked out, well in advance, on who is eligible to attend. Rules would probably be based on sweat equity, distance traveled, a quota (ie to spread attendance across the orgs involved), with a tie-breaker to who registers first.

Participating Organizations

Strictly speaking none (ie workshop is a collection of individuals getting together to understand and get stuff interoperating for the common good). It is an OASIS sponsored event but does not require OASIS membership to attend.

Individuals have already volunteered contributions bringing together the work of the following:

The hope is contributions will also represent:


To learn more how the work of these organizations will be specifically used in this workshop, see OrgMashup

Objective, Goals, Focus

Attendees should walk away feeling that they have had a positive engagement with their peers and have more confidence cybersecurity automation is in a better state because of effort put into the Workshop.

The objective is demonstrating working interoperating systems contributing to cybersecurity automation, particularly across different participants and across the different standards and organizations in this mashup of meetups.

The method to achieve the objective will be demonstration(s) of use cases.

There may be a certain amount of hackathon to fill in the gaps to complete missing aspects of the use cases.

The focus of the Workshop is really up to the participants and what they bring for interworking. At least some participants are focusing on PACE use cases involving getting/retrieving/evaluating SBOMs/VEXs/CVEs/… including the larger context playbooks in which this is a part, and the subsequent actions taken as a result.

put in pithy meaty example here and ref to rest in use cases.

The Workshop is NOT a bakeoff. The goal is interworking, not ‘picking a winner’ among multiple standards (e.g. focus on transforming between SPDX/CycloneDX instead of focusing on the differences or which is better for a given ecosystem/usecase).

The Workshop is NOT a trade show or beauty pageant. Vendors (and open source projects) can shill their products only in the context of meeting the interworking interfaces (even if it’s with the “hand-waving” lycan). Consider the Code of Conduct to have “vendor” added to the harassment-free list. Talk up your value, don’t talk down your competitors.

Sweat Equity

To learn more about what participants are bringing to the workshop, see Sweat Equity

Technical Details for Interoperation

see TechDetails for more details on decisions being made on how to get stuff to work together.

Demo Use Cases

In the ideal world, the workshop would perform a live demonstrate one complicated use case that evolved from quiet to under attack touching many different child use cases involving all the orgs and all the participants.

Being the real world, and early in our cybsersecurity automation journey, the workshop will involve a series of demonstrations - some live, some tabletop - touching various interworking scenarios. And they probalby won’t all work, so a certain amount of hackathon will also be taking place to add missing lycans or fixing bugs so that interworking can occur.

More details on exactly is planned is at DemoUseCases


Eventually results will be put here

Previous Events

Results from the two previous workshops, and other related events, can be found at Previous Workshops


This workshop is being organized by one passionate individual volunteer who was unelected and will be running it on the D-cubed model (Duncan/democratic/dictator). Hopefully others will step in to help and we’ll evolve to spread the joy around.

Code of Conduct

TL;DR - don’t be a jerk.

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, we as organizers and participants pledge to making participation in our projects and our community a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, body size, disability, ethnicity, sex characteristics, gender identity and expression, level of experience, education, socio-economic status, nationality, personal appearance, race, religion, or sexual identity and orientation.

See Code of Conduct for the complete code of conduct.


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